We are the innovation and design agency focusing on the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and wellness industry.

Together with our clients we develop innovative and affordable medical devices and smartphone applications.

Our focus is on making new technology available to patients, physicians and conusmer.

We want to contribute to better health and wellness through better diagnoses, treatment, compliance and adherence.

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Creativity is contagious passion – Albert Einstein

Our Team

We are a team of passionate people with deviverse minds and backgrounds working and laughing equally hard. That's the secret of createing what we humbly call bloody magic in design, innovation and branding.

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Want to grow your business?

Want to grow your business?

We’re eager for new client collaborations – and super excited to challenge you in order to to stretch the realm of possibility.

Want to be inspired?

Want to be inspired?

No matter if you want a speaker for an event, a creative meeting space or just want to shoot the shit over a game of ping pong – we’ve got what you need to get your juices flowing.